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List of Content, Danish Edition 2003

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Jørgen Mads Clausen, CEO Danfoss


The Business Plan

Jens Graff, Lecturer

Business plan structure and main content

1. Business Mission foundation

Sources of innovation

Carsten Steno, Chief Editor, ErhvervsBladet

Sources of ideas

Idea generation and creative thinking

Dorte Blegind Nielsen, Business advisor, Idecon

Idea generation and screening

2. Marketing foundation

Marketing models and market analysis

H.P. Sibbernsen, Lecturer

Essential marketing models

and business advisor

Demand side – Who are the customers and why do they buy?

Merete Rønnebæk, Vice president ACNielsen AIM

Market research

Supply side – Who are the competitors?

Ove Leth Sørensen, CEO Krak

Competitor finding and evaluation

Distribution – How to distribute in the market?

John Aagaard, Director at Håndværksrådet (The Danish SME organization)


The future – where it is going to happen.

Johan Peter Paludan, Director Danish Institute of Future Studies

Prognosis, megatrends, scenarios, dream society, wildcards

3. Resources and capabilities foundation

Organizational development for SMVs

John Parm Ulhøj, Professor

About taking the right initiatives and implement them

Per Nikolaj Bukh, Professor

Aarhus School of Business

The first organization

Per Thygesen Poulsen, Journalist, author

Building up the first organization

The flexible organization

Ebbne Folmann, Consultant

External and internal flexibility for companies in growth

Management in practice

Jens Ladegaard, CEO in Jens Ladegaard P/S

Managing styles, internal marketing

Localization and real estate

Jørgen Jørgensen, Director Rics and Poul Erik Bech, Real Estate Agent

Localization decisions


Hans Barth, Director Jyske Bank

Financing of business start up

Negotiating with your bank

Michael Teit Nielsen, Development manager

Negotiating with your bank

4. Juridical foundation

Company forms and public registering

Wivi H. Larsen, Author, Lawyer

Formal establishment of a company

Administrative claims at a company

Peter Düring Jensen, Authorized auditor

Administrative matters

Insurance, security, and risk management

Morten Storgaard, Tryg Forsikring

Insurance matters

Intellectual property rights

Mogens Kring, CEO, Government Patent office

Patents, trademarks, designs, domains


Jens Raunkjær, CEO, Pension for selvstændige

Pension insurance

How do I secure my family?

Jesper Bøge, CEO, ASE

Unemployment insurance, pre pension schemes

5. Advisor foundation

Growth through entrepreneurs

Ulla Jacobsen, Information manager, Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs

Different public schemes for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Business service centers for SMEs and entrepreneurs

John Merkelsen, Business advisor, Helsingør Erhvervsforening

Advise possibilities for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Steen Kaas Andersen, Business advisor, EVU


Nicolai Seest, Danish Entrepreneur Society

The services of Danish Entrepreneur Society

Presentation of the company and its business plan

Michael Lange, CEO EVU

Connect Denmark, springboards, financial forums

Education in innovation and entrepreneurship

Jes Jelsmark, Lecturer Copenhagen Business College

Market Economist in Entrepreneurship

Professional boards

Jørgen Mads Clausen, CEO Danfoss

Establishment and managing of professional boards

Danish Export Council

Kjeld Ranum, Chairman of Danish Export Council

The services of Danish Export Council

6. SWOT-analysis


Jens Vestgaard, Director Carl Bro International

How to make a SWOT-analysis

From SWOT to objectives

Jens Vestgaard, Director Carl Bro International

How to make objectives and strategies from SWOT

7. Strategies

Strategic planning of resources

Uffe Andreasen, CEO KMC amba

Strategy development and competence development

Strategic market planning

Sven Hollensen, Phd, Lecturer University of Southern Denmark

Value chain, competition, strategic market planning

Internationalizing the company

Sven Hollensen, Phd, Lecturer University of Southern Denmark

Internationalizing backwards and forwards in the value chain

8. Detailed planning


Claus Juel Pedersen, Director

Planning the product for the market


Hans Jørgen Lorenzen, CEO Euro Export Consult A/S

Planning pricing for the market


Jens Graff, Lecturer

Planning distribution for the market

E-business for SMEs

Bent Erik Romose, Civil engineer BER Konsult

How to set up and implement an e-business solution

Image, identity, and branding

Lotte Kühl, CEO Design- og kommunikationsbureauet Lofi A/S

How to give a company identity

Fairs and exhibitions

Georg Sørensen, CEO Messecenter Herning

Planning and execution of fairs and exhibitions

Personal sales

Jens Ladegaard, CEO Jens Ladegaard P/S

Effective personal sales

Human resource management

Mogens Blume Schmidt, Partner in Kjerulf & Partners A/S

Recruiting of personnel

Quality management

Svend Fritjy Andersson, CEO Qim-Consult ApS

ISO 9000 quality assurance system

Project planning

Bent Soling, Principal consultant PA Consulting

Project planning and -management

9. Implementation and control

Budgeting for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Peter Kallermann, Authorized auditor Kallermann Revision



Flemming Bahner, Special Advisor Ernst & Young Nordic Startup-Service

Vital control areas

Risk assessment

Flemming Bahner, Special Advisor Ernst & Young Nordic Startup-Service

Special risk areas

10. Mergers and acquisition

Buying and selling of companies

Sigge Enk, Business Broker Schrøder, Lucas & Partners

Buying and selling of companies. Value estimation of companies

The road to successful generational change

Anne Holm Sjøberg, Chief Consultant Håndværksrådet

How to transfer a company to successors?

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